Paper Submission

Note: Paper submission is now formally closed but if you want to sneak a paper in to be reviewed you can send a pdf version to John Franco at Be sure to put "ISAIM 2010 Submission" into the subject line and be sure the submission is formatted according to the instructions below.


Authors should list their names on their papers: the review process is not double blind.


Papers should be submitted in PDF and formatted in a modified AAAI format, removing the AAAI copyright note. Please use the latex style files mod-aaai.sty and mod-aaai.bst. For other AAAI style files please refer to the sections on "Templates" and "LaTeX Macros and Instructions" of AAAI's Author's Instructions page (do not forget to change the copyright restriction to your own name).


Papers submitted to review must not exceed six (6) pages, not counting bibliography. Final versions of accepted papers must not exceed eight (8) pages, not counting the bibliography.

Last updated: August 24, 2009.