Special Sessions and Stream   (abstracts are here, see the proceedings for the papers)

Constraint Programming and Hybrid Methods - John Hooker
    Checking Up on Branch-and-Check    abstract
   - J. Christopher Beck, University of Toronto
    Linearization of Global Constraints    abstract
   - Meinolf Sellmann, Brown University
    A Polyhedral Study of the Alldifferent System    abstract
   - Dimitris Magos, Technological Educational Institute of Athens
    A Polyhedral Study of the Cumulative Constraint    abstract
   - Tallys Yunes, University of Miami
Boolean and Pseudo-Boolean Functions - Endre Boros and Yves Crama
Dedicated to the memory of Peter L. Hammer
Session 1
    Exploiting regularity in learning    abstract
   - Martin Anthony
    Coverable functions: definitions and properties    abstract
   - Ondrej Cepek
    Coverable functions: hardness results    abstract
   - Petr Kucera
    Learning Random DNF over the Uniform Distribution    abstract
   - Linda Sellie
Session 2
    Ubiquitous Monotone and Almost-Monotone Boolean Functions in Systems Biology   abstract
   - Utz-Uwe Haus
    Solving Scheduling Problems with Binary Decision Diagrams    abstract
   - John N. Hooker
    Complexity results of linear XSAT problems    abstract
   - Stefan Porschen
    On Evolvability: The Swapping Algorithm, Product Distributions, and Covariance   abstract
   - Dimitris Diochnos
Session 3
    Cones of non-negative quadratic pseudo-Boolean functions    abstract
   - Endre Boros
    Black-Box Methods for Constrained Quadratic 0--1 Optimization    abstract
   - F. Liers
    A Geometric Bridge from Convex Polytopes to Threshold Logic    abstract
   - M. Reza Emamy-K.
    A Combinatorial Algorithm for the Threshold Recognition Problem    abstract
   - Jan-Georg Smaus
Data Clustering for Bio-informatics - Raj Bhatnagar
    Prior Information Based Bayesian Infinite Mixture Model    paper
   - Zhen Hu, Siva Sivaganesan, Mario Medvedovic
    Simultaneous Search in Multiple Lattices for Knowledge Discovery    --
   - Mrunal Deshmukh, Raj Bhatnagar, and Anil Jegga
    Identifying Transcriptional Modules using Subspace Clustering    abstract
   - Amit Sinha
    Model Quality Assessment in Membrane Proteins Using predicted Lipid Accessibility Profiles    paper
   - Mukta Phatak and Jaroslaw Meller

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