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  1. Now there are two buttons - one for adding and one for removing.
  2. To add a checker to the board click the "New Checker" button. The checker will appear in the center of the board. You may drag the checker to another location. Alternatively, you may click on a checker that you want to move and then click on a square. The clicked checker will move immediately to that square. Anytime a square is clicked (with the mouse over empty space in the square), the last clicked checker will move to that square.
  3. To remove one or more checkers, click the "Remove Checker" button, then click on any checkers you want to remove from the board. Observe the change of label on the button to "Stop Removing". When finished, click on the "Stop Removing" button. Its label will then change to "Remove Checker" and the removing process will be inactive until the next click of the "Remove Checker" button.