Biographical Sketch, Anne Cross

Curriculum:     Computer Science
Status:     Junior, class of 2007
Gender:     Female

Relevant Courses:
       Digital System Design (20-ECES-235)
       Digital System Design Lab (20-ECES-237)
       Introduction to Computer Organization (20-ECES-326)
       Discrete Mathematics (15-MATH-410)
       Design and Analysis of Algorithms I (20-ECES-471)
       Design and Analysis of Algorithms II (20-ECES-472)
       Theory of Automata & Formal Languages (20-ECES-670)
       Linear Algebra I (15-MATH-351)
       Linear Algebra II (15-MATH-352)
       Symbolic Logic I (15-PHIL-341)
       Symbolic Logic II (15-PHIL-342)

Experience, Coop:
    Cinergy Corp.     Data Warehouse: Worked with departmental managers to clarify new metadata definitions for inclusion in the Metadata Repository; fixed bugs in Metadata Repository intranet site using ASP; designed and developed application in Visual Basic to estimate the time and resources required to bring new projects into the Data Warehouse and to standardize the Data Warehousing process; wrote queries for testing of new databases and for the entry and updating of data.
    Cinergy Corp.     IT CBU Power: Designed Cinergy Code of Conduct e-Learning course with Lectora; developed Crystal Reports to track open Help Desk tickets; created intranet website for IT support of Cinergy Solutions sites using Plumtree Portal software; researched and answered hardware and software questions from off-site Cinergy Solutions employees.
    Siemens AG     VDO Automotive: Worked on development of automated test planning and reporting application for use with automated test tools for the testing of automotive electronics; worked on conversion of an existing application from MS Access to Microsoft .NET; helped with translation of documents from German to English.